Notes for enquiries

Please, read the instructions on this page before you send us an inquiry.

You want a custom quote to solve your problem?

Offers for registered users only

Starting> from 120 euros, we offer registered users individual help for the import of ONE .CSV or .XML file as well as the setup and configuration of ONE export profile or API interface. Gladly we provide a free quote for a solution of your problem. You can request a binding quote via the ticket section of your account on For this you need to make available to us the information listed in the following section, as well as the necessary file(s).

What information do we need from you?

  • Size and number of the file(s) to be imported (if more than one)
  • A HTTP or FTP link to download your import file(s), if the import of your data should be done automatically via an URL
  • If you supply us only test file(s), with less records than the one(s) you plan to use, please let us know the total number of products to be imported
  • Information with relation to the export your data, such as pricing, coding of the export file, product categories and others
  • All assignments between import and export file That means: Which column (name/no.) from the import file shall be assigned to which column of the standard interface export file and what data manipulations shall be performed inbetween?
  • For individual export formats: information about the structure of the export file with the order and names of the respective columns

Please, send your inquiry as .ZIP package via the ticket area or to the following eMail-Adress: Visible for registered users only

What settings can we make for you?

Note that our offers relate exclusively to the import and export of data within our system. Any necessary adjustments and settings for your online shop or marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, you must make yourself. You usually can get answers to related issues also via the support or the Forum of the respective provider.
The configuration of import and export profiles is done directly in your account on Adjustments or changes you can then make later yourself at any time or you can arrange an extended support agreement with us.

Payment and Bank Account

Payments for agreed services are payable in advance by bank transfer. Partial payments are not accepted.
Our offers are directed exclusively to businesses and are excl. VAT. Here are our bank account details:
Visible for registered users only