FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you will find quick answers to your first and the most common questions. Please see also our technical FAQ on the wiki.

What is csv4you.com?

Internet retailing lives from daily exchanges and the processing of large data volumes. Product data will be drawn from the various data sources and in variing file formats. The import and export of CSV or XML files, and creating interfaces for marketplaces, sales portals and online shops is an important part of data processing. With csv4you.com you get a tool at hand that will significantly simplify the handling of imported data and the set up of new export interfaces. Many processes that affect the import and export of CSV or XML files can be heavily simplified and automated by using csv4you.com.

Who can use csv4you.com?

We direct our offer exclusively to companies and businesspeople. Basic knowledge of CSV and XML files as well as experience in online shopping is a must. Specifically, we offer our services to merchants who are looking for (semi-)automated solutions for the import and export of product data from different sources (e.g. from manufacturers or wholesalers).

What can I do on csv4you.com?

With csv4you.com, any number of product data from different suppliers can be imported automatically and centrally stored in a data pool. With the help of suitable interfaces, filters and individual functions, data can be transferred to shop-systems or marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon and be syncronized daily thereafter. In addition to this basic functionality the system does offer even more features. Try it!
For more information about features and capabilities of the system can also be found here ...

How can I test csv4you?

As a new customer you get the full functionality of the package Premium for a period of 30 days (from the date of your registration). So you can decide at your leisure, which package will be right for you. If you do not select a paid package within the first 30 days, your account automatically returns to the 'Free' package at the end of the trial period. All so far saved data and settings are retained!

What does csv4you.com cost?

All on csv4you.com available interfaces and functions are currently free to use.
What happens next? As of Januar 2017, we would like to implement a pricing model that is based on the amount of products stored in the data pool:
Up to a maximum 100 products per account (plus all GALLAY jewellery products) the usage remains permanently free. An exact date for the introduction of block pricing is not yet fixed.

What about the security of my data?

To the usual privacy statement (see link below) we would like to add the following:
We know that many users of our platform are concerned about how and in what manner their data is used by us ...
1. None of your data will be passed on or sold by us to third parties, neither currently nor in the future.
2. Whom you send your data to, you can also see in the SSL certificate information in the address bar of your browser.
3. Uploaded product files are currently stored for one hour and then be fully erased.
4. You can always completely delete your data pool with a few clicks.
5. The complete deletion of an account, including your personal information, is possible at any time.

Can I offer my products here?

Yes. If you are a manufacturer or wholesaler, you can offer your products on our website free of charge - with image and data. To do so, go to Supplier Data ->Supplier Info and provide the necessary information.

What is a supplier's data?

Supplier data is product data that a supplier (e.g. a wholesaler or manufacturer) makes available for other retailers via csv4you.com.
Advantage of supplier data: You do not have to worry about updating data. The supplier makes it for you!

What are the hardware and software requirements?

The use of csv4you.com requires a modern, standard PC with Internet connection and WIN or MAC OS. As suitable browser we recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. For compatibility and safety reasons you should always use the latest version. In addition, you need to enable JavaScript in your browser.

What file types can be imported?

All types of structured data files can be imported, from simple CSV files with header(s) and data area to XML files with complex tree structure.

What should I watch out for when importing CSV files?

1. Each record in your CSV file should be assigned a unique ID number, if possible, without spaces or special characters.
2. Test at the beginning the import and export of CSV files with just a few records! This saves time and other resources on all sides.
3. If you have little or no experience using CSV files, we recommend you to store text-based CSV files afterwards not with MS-Excel. This can lead to unwanted formatting changes, which often lead to errors during data importing.
4. Each header in a CSV file should use unique column identifiers without spaces and special characters.
Example: Instead of the column name 'Verfügbarer Bestand' better use 'Verfuegbarer_Bestand'.
5. Our system can import Excel files. However, these data sheets must not contain any macros or other complicated formattings or calculations.
6. As a default encoding for any CSV file, we recommend UTF-8.

Can csv4you replace the eBay Turbolister?

With csv4you.com it is possible, similar as in Turbo Lister, to manage thousands of products (listings) and different listing templates as well as to modify and synchronize all important data, such as prices and stocks, daily with eBay.

How can I report a bug in the software?

To notify us of an error in the software, please use a ticket. You can find this function, when logged-in, under My Account ->Tickets .

How do I get help if I have further questions?

Please, use for your questions about all features our Wiki or the Support Forum . We do not answer any support questions by phone. In general, experience with shop systems and in using of CSV or XML files is beneficial. Only then can all the possibilities of our services be meaningfully used.