Interfaces for web shops, market places and auction houses

You need an interface to import/export product data or RSS feeds? Create import templates and custom interfaces to import/export your data. Use our standard CSV and XML templates for your system.

Downloadable CSV- and XML- Files

Besides preconfigured interfaces for CSV and XML format, we offer you the opportunity to define your own custom interface formats. So you can import your product data into any shop system with an appropriate import interface. It does no matter which file format your product data originally uses. Once imported into the DataPool, you can use the data via profiles for export as CSV, XML, TXT or ZIP file. Also, completely automated updates for all export files are possible.

API Access for eBay, Amazon and ShopWare

With the help of API interfaces product data can be transfered directly to different marketplaces and there updated as needed. Currently we support API access to list and update your products on eBay, Amazon and ShopWare.. Prerequisite for this: Product data imported from one or more data sources and the regular maintenance of this data in the DataPool. All transfer settings and the selection of the desired products within an API export profile can be made via filters and other options.

We will set up new interfaces on request. For further information please click one of the interfaces below ...